Leading Scientific Schools and Scientists
There are two Dissertation Advisory Committees at the Department: 

Doctoral and Candidate’s degree in Physics and Mathematics with a specialization in Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Logics, Algebra and Theory of Numbers, chaired by I. Aleksandrov, Full Professor;

Doctoral and Candidate’s degree in Physics and Mathematics with a specialization in Mechanics of Fluids, Gas and Plasma, Mechanics of Deformable Solids, Thermal Physics and Thermology, chaired by A. Grishin, Full Professor.

A scientific and academic school called Conjugate Problems of Mechanics of Reactive Multiphase Media, Informatics and Ecology was established under the leadership of A. Grishin. 

The school is dealing with the following fields: mechanics of reactive multiphase media and physical and mathematical modeling of some technogenic and natural disasters including natural (forest, grass and peat) fires and their ecological effects with the use of new computational and information technologies for three dimensional problems of Mathematical Physics; theoretical and experimental research of aerodynamic properties and non-steady coupled heat transfer properties with account for thermochemical body destruction, gas injection into the boundary layer in order to create new means of control over thermal behavior of bodies in case of their axially symmetric or three dimensional flow by hypersonic gas stream; satellite sounding of the atmosphere and Earth surface and forest fire detection.

Two research laboratories function at the Chairs of Mathematical Analysis, Algebra and Function Theory; a laboratory of Computational Geophysics and students’ research laboratory for Parallel Computations operate at the Chair of Computational Mathematics and Computer Modeling, a university laboratory with modern experimental equipment was established at the Chair of Physical and Computational Mechanics as well as a Center of Disaster Modeling and Prediction and a research laboratory.